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1997年の初め頃にThree Mile PilotのPall JenkinsとTobias Nathaniel、 そして元Thingyのドラマー、Mario Rubalcabaの3人によって結成。


title 1
labelHeadhunter Records
release date1998
 1. the waiter
 2. the old kind of summer
 3. release my heart
 4. even thieves couldn't lie
 5. bluewater/back heart
 6. heart without a home
 7. the winter my heart froze
 8. stitched to my heart
 9. square heart
10. in a tin flask
11. a heart the size of a horse
produced by ryan hadlock and the black heart procession
recorded and mixed at bear creek by ryan hadlock
second engineer jeff brinegar
bluewater/blackheart mixed by joe hadlock
all song written by the black heart procession 1997-98
mastered at disc master north west
this album was recorded, mixed and mastered in 11 days
to stay with our original thoughts of the songs.
it was recorded from nov 25 through dec 4th
and mastered on the 5th of dec.
the songs were written in the 3 months prior, 
in all hopes to give you something as current as possible.
black ink and words - pall
photos - satoru yoshioka, ezra caraeff and nick ott
layout - pall and jason soares
thanks to everyone at bear creek, our friends and families
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title 2
labelTouch and Go Records
release date1999
 1. the waiter no.2
 2. blue tears
 3. a light so dim
 4. your church is red
 5. when we reach the hill
 6. outside the glass
 7. gently off the edge
 8. it's a crime i never told you about the diamonds in your eyes
 9. my heart might stop
10. beneath the ground
11. the waiter no.3
produced by ryan hadlock and the black heart procession
recorded and mixed by ryan hadlock
second engineer zach reinig
tracks 10, 11 and some noises within the album
recorded and mixed with rafter roberts
recorded in jan 99 in his garage
a few moments also from palls 4 track
all songs by the black heart procession
mastered by john golden
words and drawings - pall
photos by each other
layout - pall, david babbitt
assistance - jayson soares
we would like to thank : 
bear creek, corey r, touch and go, mike f. and flower, abs#4, 
tom z, jason s, ryan b, beth s, damon w, thomas c., sacha, traci, 
bang-belgium, hans at slavetrader, jochem, 
in the last year numerous people have played on stage 
with us thanks to all of them, 
also the bands we have played or toured with, 
those who put us up at their homes, our friends, families 
and everyone who has helped us in any way
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title a 3 song recording fish the holes on frozen lakes
labelGalaxia Records
release date2000
1. 1903-1908 innocence a boy with no tonge
2. 1918-1936 descent fish the holes
3. 1936-1957 remembrance when i spoke backwards she finally understood
recorded in rafters garage mid 99
with him and us TBHP
art -- pall
--- the processin --
tobias -- piano - accordian
pall -- organ - saw - moog - voice - noises
mario - drums
matt - violin
jason - trumpet
--- thank you ---

title a 3 song recording
labelUp Records
release date2000
1. a truth quietly told
2. destroying the city of hearts
3. song about a....
- the procession -
 Tobias Nathaniel - piano, organ
 Pall A. Jenkins - guitar, saw, toy piano, water phone, moog, vocals
 Mario Rubalcaba - drums
 Jason Crane - trumpet, tuba
recorded and produced by Ryan Hadlock and TBHP at BEAR CREEK - DEC. 98
mastered by Rafter Roberts
photos - Thomas Campbell
blk city, bats, words - Pall
baby heart - Jason Knox
thank you - Chris Takino

title three
labelTouch and Go Records / Thok Records
catalogue#tg210cd / THOK-2
release date2000 / 2001
 1. we always knew
 2. guess i'll forget you
 3. once said at the fires
 4. waterfront (the sinking road)
 5. till we have to say goodbye
 6. i know your ways
 7. never from this heart
 8. a heart like mine
 9. the war is over
10. on ships of gold
11. infinite machine (frozen) *
12. a wooden soldier's dream *
13. from the shores of a washed up heart * 
(* bonus tracks for japanese edition)
tobias nathaniel - piano, pump organ, B3, drums, guitar, waterphonem noises, 
pall a jenkins - vocals, guitar, organ, synths, bass, saw, 
space echo, clavinet, noises, sampling, words
jason crane - drums on track 1 and 10 trumpet on 2 and 7
mario rubalcaba - drums on track 8
kazu makino - long distance phone voice from new york track 10
abs#4 and rafter helped us drop some beats
art - pall
band drawing - rich jacobs
photos - each other
layout - pall, david bm abs#4
we would like to thank : 
 corey, touch and go, bear creek, mike and flower, 
 amedeo, simone, kazu, dimitri, joe p., 
 everyone who helped with this record, the bands we toured with this last year, 
 the people who sat in with us at show, our friends and families - thank you
produced by ryan hadlock and the black heart procession
all songs by the black heart procession
recorded and mixed by ryan hadlock zach reining and the procession
recorded at bear creek march/april 2000
track 8,9 recorded at bear creek dec 98
editing and extra recording by rafter roberts
mastered by ross nyberg
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title amore del tropico
labelTouch and Go Records / P-Vine Records
catalogue#tg232cd / PCD-23327
release date2002
 1. the end of love
 2. tropics of love
 3. broken world
 4. why i stay
 5. the invitation
 6. did you wonder
 7. a sign on the road
 8. sympathy crime
 9. the visitor
10. the waiter #4
11. a cry for love
12. before the people
13. only one way
14. fingerprints
15. the one who has disappeared
Paulo Zappoli - guitar, synth, organ, percussion, saw, vocals
Tobias Nathaniel - piano, guitar, bass, organ, optigan, percussion
Joe Plummer - Drums xylophone, percussion
Dmitri Dziensuwski - appears live only ?
Matt Parker - bass on ( 6, 8, 9, 13 ) accoustic guitar on ( 3 ) lapsteel on ( 7, 9 )
Matt Resovich - violin on ( 1, 2, 7, 11, 14 )
Charles Curtis - cello on ( 1, 2, 10, 11 )
Jim Austin - upright bass on ( 1, 2, 11 )
Joyce Rooks - cello on ( 7 )
Jason Crane - trumpet on ( 11 )
Backup vocals - Arabella Makalani ( 2, 8, 11, 14 ), Susanna Waiche ( 2, 8, 11, 14 ), 
Liz Janes ( 2, 8, 11, 14 ), Traci Woolley ( 5, 14 ), Liz Schier ( 14 )
Produced & recorded by The Black Heart Procession
recorded at SDRL ( November 2001 - May 2002 )  Engineered by Pall
Mixed by The Black Heart Procession & Zack Reinig at SDRL
and assisted by Jason Clark at Big Fish
Mastered at John Golden
Drawing & design by Pall
Colorized by Jason Soares
Layout by Jason Soares & Pall
Art assistance David Babbitt
Band photo by O
 Corey Rusk & everyone at Touch & Go, Matt Anderson for cords & stands.
 Rafter Roberts for the Neumanns & his singing serpents.
 Ben Moore for LA3As. Tony Lopez at Studio Support Services.
 Keith Rokos for convincing our piano to stay in tune, 
 and convincing us we need a new one.
 Zack Reinig for answering lots of questions and driving long distances.
 All our friends who made time to play on this record.
 Mike Frye & Flower Booking, Southern, 
 Jochem, Hans, Indigena, Janet Weiss, John Atkins, Josh Quon, 
 John Reis for the mrl tape, ABS#4 for lots of things, 
 Phil & Yuko, Bill & Jessica, Dan & Annam, Zack & Kate, 
 Jason Soares, Our Neighbors, Matt Hoyt, 
 everyone at the Casbah, our families, friends & everyone we may have missed.
 oh yeah, Traci, Pall says sorry you had to see him smash up that guitar.
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title hearts and tanks
labelShingle Street
release date2003
1. radio
2. the news
3. weakness
4. following

title in the fishtank 11
release date2004
1. voiture en rouge
2. dog song
3. nervous persian
4. a taste of you and me
5. things go on with mistakes
6. your cave
The Black Heart Procession: 
 Pauro Zappoli
 Tobias Nathaniel
 Joe Plummer
 Matt Resovich
 James La Valle
 Klaas Schippers
 Empee Holwerda
 Jelle Buma
 Rachael Rose
 Jochem Schouten
All songs written by The Black Heart Procession & Solbakken.
Recorded in July 2003 at E-sound in Weeps, NL (www.e-sound-studio.com)
Engineered by David Klooker
Produced and mixed by Zlaya Hadzic 
at Loud on Amsterdam NL (www.zlayamusic.com)
Packaging lay-out by GRAFX MFG (www.grafxmfg.com)
comments Solbakkenとのコラボレーション。

title the spell
labelTouch and Go Records
release dateMay 9th, 2006
 1. tangled
 2. the spell
 3. not just words
 4. the letter
 5. the replacement
 6. return to burn
 7. gps
 8. the waiter #5
 9. places
10. the fix
11. to bring you back
All songs written, produced, 
recorded and mixed by 
The Black Heart Procession 2005 at SDRL.
Mastered by J.J. Golden.
Ink by Pall Jenkins.
Layout by Pall Jenkins and David Babbitt.
Thank you to those close to our hearts.
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