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Pinbackのライブメンバー、Kenseth Thibideauが在籍しているサンフランシスコのバンド。 メンバーは以下の通り。 John Baez - guitar Jeff Shannon - drums Mitch Cheney - guitar Kenseth Thibideau - bass 現在は活動休止中(?)。


title rumah sakit
labelTemporary Residence Limited
release date2000
1. i can't see anything when i close my eye
2. scott & jeremiah
3. careful with that fax machine
4. wind & wing
5. bring on the cobras
6. stomacheache due to sincere belief that the rest of my band is trying to kill me
notes Natalie Mom and Natalie "kitty", Ron and Regina Thibideau, James C. and Lesley Cheney, Robert and Lynda Berkeley, Vonny Shannon, Scott Campbell, Jeremiah Maddock, Berkeleys, Shannons, Jeremy deVine, the Temporary Residence Limited, Jay Pellici, Ian Pellici, Musica De La Free School, Johanna Cheney, Joel Anderson, Kim Baez, Tullys, Stanleys and Furrs, Mitch Oramas, the Eastcoast clans of Baez and Kelly and Ball, Rachel Hauth, Dieter Foit, Jim DeVito, JJ-Jen-Kevin and the Murphy Family, Alex Crowson, Mike Nasti, Theresa Orr, Paul Scavuzzo, Brent Jones, Hillary Dennis, Arianna Sterling, Joe Adragna, Dan Romine, Brian Linnehan, Brian Anderson, Jeff Fagundes, Bob Brinias, St. Augustine FL, San Francisco CA, Redlands CA, Yucaipa CA, John Hosmer, Jason Ricci and Penny, Noah Baxter, Tom Harding, Jim Nadeau, Chris Kringle, Andrew and Deborah Colavito, Jim (r.i.p.) and Tom Waldbillag, Janos Dobo Esser, Fairfax Surf Shop, Jimmy Harrison, Jimmy Harrington, Kemp Curley, Hunter and Erik Whitestone, Pat "telecaster" Cavanaugh, Kevin Harrison, Matthew Cummings, Marc Rogers, George Rendon, Justin Schwartz, James Kotter, Cynthia Kravetz, Marc Rainey, and TKO Records, Rager, Marty and Craig Delute, Randy Burk, Tim Groseclose, Charlie Hoppe, Emily Dowgiallo, Frank Grau, Wren Crosley, Simeon Flick, Kirk and Donny, Richard Burgan, Joon Pak, Chris Stowens, Brian Jung, Herman Woo, Sophia Vincent, Lee Clark, Cliff Cunningham, Matt Voala, Naomi Tolliver, Paul Knowles, Laura Grissom, Hathaway and Brad Jacobsen, Andria Spencer, Andrey Sharp, Jim Poppen, Markie P., Trevor Montgomery, Dave Lyle, Tim and Jacob Gates, Michelle Wilson, 19 Polk, Jef Cantu, Dianne Jones, Chad-Claire and Sylvia Bryan, Jeff Carlin, Josh Kraft, Rob Schacher, Tony C., Jayme Simms, Danny Grody, John Egg Hughes, Madeline Born, Teague Kernan, Lumbo, Brandy O'Donnell, Yarrow Lutz, Linda Case, Scott Vance, Reni Tulsi, Bob Gonzales, Dave Tohir, Kathy Case, Eli Good, Aldo Pizzi, Dave Schubert, Ben Sweeney, Jason Secrest, Cory and Diana Blue Plate, Matt Alcock, Michelle David, Yolanda Bustos, Janna Matsuola, Kirk Udvardi and Family, Jeff McKnight, Molly Moreno, Luke, Hugh, Jo Slota, Patricia Kavanaugh, Rich Douthitt, Brett Cline, Patrick Parker, William Waghorn, David Fear, Marc Miller, Marlin Lum, Atul Singh, Ron Sloan, Stout Studios, Soul Philosophy Studios, the Music Annex, Scott-Cocodrie, Ray-Edinburgh Castle, Ramona and Anthony-Bottom of the Hill, John-Bottom of the Hill Sound Guy, Joanne-Coco Club, Michelle-Tip Top, Tarentel, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Jargon, Tin Mark, Uncle Dad, Frank Zappa, Fluke Starbucker, Heavy Vegetable (r.i.p.), Thingy, the Hope 12, Legs On Earth, Rein Sanction, Steve Reich, Crawling Sadie (r.i.p.), Whorlman (r.i.p.), Tether's End, Spitfire (FL), the Clinics, Uberhund, Karpov, Dilute, Tsui (r.i.p.), the Jim Yoshi Pile-up, Tristeza, Pink, Don't Mean Maybe, Cats: Punjab, Dogs: Ping&Pong and Buddy and Bob and Lady (r.i.p.), anyone who supported our musical dreams, and God
This album was recorded at the Music Annex in Menlo Park, CA.
This album was engineered and mixed by Jay Pellicci and Ian Pellicci
in Studios A and C at the Music Annex in Menlo Park, CA.
This album was produced by Jeremy deVine, Scott Campbell and Rumah Sakit.
This album was mastered by trevor/hollAnd and Jeremy deVine in Washington, DC.
This album's artwork was created by Jeremiah Maddock.
This album was recorded with an ambient philosophy, no overdubs and no "tricks".
This album contains stereo phasing elements that were execused that were execused by mic placement and the room's natural dynamic.
This album contains a track from a piano in the corner of the room that Mitch walked over to his guitar from without overdubbing.
This album version you hold is not vinyl.
comments 1stアルバム。硬質変拍子。ここでダウンロードできます。

title obscured by clowns
labelTemporary Residence Limited
release date2002
1. hello beginning, this is my friend...the end
2. new underwear dance
3. no one likes a grumpy cripple
4. german clock
5. obscured by clowns
6. are we not serious? we are rumah sakit!
7. saudage full of secrets "live"
8. go horsey go "live"
9. hello friend, this is my end...the beginning
mastered by trevor kampmann and jeremy devine
1234569 recorded by jay pellicci, ian pellicci and ron k. at radical house, sf, ca usa
78 recorded by john karr on the 4th of july, 2000 at the bottom of the hill, sf, ca usa
artwork by jeremiah maddock
comments 2ndアルバム。


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