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1993年に結成された、男女ツインボーカルと変則的な曲展開が特徴のバンド。 ジェットコースターポップなんていう形容をされたりも。 メンバーはRob Crow(vocals, guitar)、Elea Tenuta(vocals)、 Travis Nelson(bass)、Manolo Turner(drums)の4人。


title the amazing undersea adventures of aqua kitty friends
labelHeadhunter Records
release date1994
 1. thingy
 2. saloon
 3. eggy in a bready II
 4. doesn't mean shit
 5. myliebetz
 6. couch
 7. head rush
 8. listen to this song, kill pigs, and try to sue me
 9. eight
10. dutch
11. termites
12. calling the toads
13. krishna on the ledge
14. black suit
15. junior
16. johnny pig
17. means less
produced by Mark Trombino & Heavy Vegetable
recorded and mixed at Studio West
(November 3, 4, 10, 11, 13, & 14/93)
engineer; Mark Trombino
assistant engineer; Darrell Harvey
masterded at Future Disc System by Eddie Shryer
all songs c1994 Heavy Vegetable Music (ASCAP)
underwater photos; Mark Conlin
cat photos; Travis Nelson, band photos; Satoru Yoshioka
technical art; Yogi
sleeve by Brent Stickels/Obvious! Design
drawing; scrojo
manolo turner made the beats
travis nelson did bass and some back up singing
elea tenuta sang the pretty stuff
and rob crow did most of the rest
(Terrin Durfey sang with Rob on Junior)
comments 1stアルバム。

title frisbie
labelHeadhunter Records
release date1995
 1. still moving
 2. cotton swab
 3. abducted by the work aliens
 4. crash
 5. poe
 6. song for wesley
 7. sad mud song
 8. never forget
 9. intro
10. bully
11. tune travis tune
12. on purpose
13. e/or
14. mushroom boy
15. henry mancini goes surfing
16. i owe you
17. multiball
18. dental
19. daisy
20. the ducks at ralphs
21. spatula
22. jackie chan is a punk rocker
23. pine
24. fired
25. tap
26. stop
27. radio
28. going steady with the limes
recorded and mixed by mark trombino ar big fish studios encinitas, ca
on march 1-10, 27, april 6, 9-11 and july 9 of '95
mastered at john golden mastering newbury park, ca
manolo s. turner made more beats
travis nelson played bass, sang and played guitar on his songs
rob crow sang, played guitar and piano, and played bass on travis's songs
elea tenuta sang and sang and sang
mark waters took photos of heather little's dog, ja belle
travis nelson took the photos of denver lucas
at a lake somewhere near ashland, oregon
jeff motch clicked the mouse
thanks to our families, john parres, michael badami, 
and all of the people who have helped us out in anyway 
special thanks to mark trombino and gabriel billford voiles
comments 2ndアルバム。1stより聴きやすいと思います。お薦めです。

title mondo aqua kitty
labelHeadhunter Records
release date1997
 1. love american style
 2. baby
 3. doesn't mean shit
 4. st. livingston
 5. slint on 4
 6. green light gorilla
 7. on purpose
 8. eggy in a bready
 9. perfect love
10. excesses
11. crash
12. times up
13. over two minutes
14. saloon
15. recycle song
16. longsleeves (stupid motherfucker)
17. daisy
18. seesaw
19. crackling mexican jesus candle
20. love american style (acapella)
the futher and final unabashed adventures of heavy vegetable
a compilation of 7"'s, comp. tracks, and miscellaneous stuff
all songs by H.V.
except for "perfect love" and "times up" by the Residents
and "excesses" by Klark Kent
picture by Gabe "Billy" Voiles
Jostling by Rob
layout by Jason Soares & Rob Crow
There are way too many people to thank for their help, 
kindness, help, and understanding and I have to turn this 
artwork in so Thank You to every damn one of you who gave 
us a second thought.
heavy vegetable was 
 Manolo Turner  Drums
 Travis Nelson  Bass, Vocals
 Rob Crow  Gutar, Vocals
 Elea Tenuta  Vocals
comments レアトラック集。21曲目にH.V.メドレーのようなライブ音源が収録されています。


http://www.myspace.com/heavyvegetablefanpage マイスペース。

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